“I am very happy with Vicky! She is very dedicated- I could see that she has put in a lot of effort to engage my daughter and make the lessons enjoyable for her. I also like her detailed feedback after each sessions- it is very helpful to have that level of detail for me to track the progress.”

“Vicky is an amazing speech therapist! We have had many over the years and I truly think Vicky is one of the best we’ve had to help our daughter”.

“We really appreciate and value all Vicky’s hard work with our son. We really appreciate her feedback that she gives us and the classroom teachers at the end of each session. She gives such specific feedback that really helps us to celebrate the progress our son makes but also know what areas we can be working on/ reinforcing at home. She has taken the time to really get to know our son and his love for cars, trucks etc. He tells us every Tuesday that he saw Vicky. As we are both teachers, we spend a lot of time advocating for and helping other children and we really appreciate knowing that Vicky is advocating for and helping us with our child. We are incredibly grateful.”

“I honestly never expected that my son would have made such great progress in such a short span of time. Not only has his speech improved since he started his sessions with Vicky, he also seems a lot less frustrated- because he can make himself understood more of the time!”

“My son loves his sessions with Vicky. He always tells us what he has done and we are really seeing a difference in his communication and enjoyment of school. Her detailed feedback ensures we always know what has been done and how we can help that week.”

“Thank you Vicky, my son is doing very well thanks to you.”

“Working with Vicky in the school setting has been a pleasure. She has really helped the children she sees. She is always ready to give me advice and knows her stuff. She has been a big help for teachers.”